Introducing Pollen One

March 9, 2023

Today we introduce Pollen One — a mobile plan that lets you access coverage where you need it most on the mobile network that you control.

Pricing for Pollen One is pretty simple: every month, you get 1GB free. After that, you get charged $3/GB up to 10GBs / $30.00, and then you hit your cap and go unlimited.

We designed this plan to be flexible to your usage needs — pay for unlimited if you need it; otherwise, pay for what you use. Your bill can be paid for in USD, PCN, or a mixture of both. Yep, that’s right. Subscribers can pay for 100% of their Pollen One plan with PCN, with PCN priced at $0.10.

Starting today, all eligible* Flowers on the network can sign up to receive monthly payments (80% of the USD and PCN payouts) for the data they haul for subscribers on the network.

In short, paid data is here, friends.

Learn more here.

*Only Flowers running on Greenhouse can receive payments.