POLLEN is the first anonymous, decentralized, high speed, open source, data-only wireless network enabled by a crypto-economy that is owned and operated by its user community.

Pollen was started by Pronto, a San Francisco company that develops autonomous driving technology for off-road applications. Our technology requires reliable and affordable mobile connectivity, which we weren’t getting with legacy carriers, so we built our own network. We soon realized we could open up our technology and enable the world’s first decentralized, privacy-focused, affordable mobile network owned and operated by its users.

Pollen's Core Values


Our most important value and the reason we exist: everyone has the right to communicate freely.


People have the right to keep their online communications and activity private.


People have the right to anonymity, whether they’re online or not.


No single corporation, government, or individual should control the world’s communication networks.


Our technology and economics should be available for all to see.

Want to
Work with us?

We are constantly looking for stellar talent to join our passionate team of crypto experts, hardware engineers, software developers, communicators and more to help us build the future of wireless communications. If this sounds like you, we’d love to connect!