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Our mission is to enable individuals, businesses, and organizations to quickly and affordably deploy customizable, reliable, and privacy-focused mobile coverage around the world.

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Pollen Mobile was started by Pronto, a San Francisco-based company that develops autonomous driving technology for mining and off-road environments. Pronto’s technology required reliable and affordable mobile connectivity, which we weren’t getting with legacy carriers, so we built our own network.

We soon realized we could open up our technology and deliver a reliable privacy-focused, affordable mobile network owned and operated by its users.

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The Pollen Ecosystem


Radios called Flowers provide coverage wherever it's needed, from beach homes to Arctic mines


Honeybees are mobile phones with eSIMs that can use the network and "drop Pollen" to request coverage


Hummingbird SIM cards allow IOT devices, such as point of sales systems, to access the network


Owl signal repeaters give laptops, gaming consoles, and guest users network access with a simple password

Pollen Explorer

A Network in Bloom

Check out the Pollen Explorer, a simple way to see Pollen network activity, including where Flowers are placed, details about signal strength, and more.

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