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Light Reading Highlights Pollen Mobile Deployments

February 7, 2023

Pollen Mobile is leading the way in mobile connectivity, delivering significant value to customers.

In a Light Reading story, Mike Dano writes about how users are tapping Pollen to provide reliable, affordable wireless connectivity.

Shreveport Deploys Low-Cost Wi-Fi Network

Mike spotlights the City of Shreveport, La., where innovative civic leaders are addressing the digital divide by providing Wi-Fi connectivity to underserved communities. He notes:

“Shreveport officials worked with vendor Spread Networks to install fixed wireless transmission sites across the city. Residents could then visit some Shreveport libraries to check out receivers, which they could take home for Internet access. The goal, according to city officials, is to quickly and cheaply provide Internet services to parts of the city that don’t have any.”

Christian Kurasek, our Co-founder and CFO, explains in the article how “Spread Networks is using Pollen’s DeWi platform for the service, which he said removes expenses from the network while ensuring that city officials have total control, including ownership of the network’s hardware.”

Solving Cellular Dead Zones

Other Pollen users that Mike highlights in his story are two California wineries, Dutcher Crossing and Cast Wines, both in Sonoma County. With Pollen, the wineries transformed their locations from cellular dead zones to wireless coverage in the exact locations where it was needed.

The article notes both wineries “installed Pollen-managed wireless networks running in unlicensed 3.5GHz CBRS spectrum, with the goal of keeping their employees connected while out in the field and their customers connected when they’re outside of Wi-Fi coverage.”

Learn How Pollen Can Address Your Connectivity Needs

It is exciting to see Pollen creating connectivity where others can’t. Contact us to learn more about Pollen and how our network can fulfill your specific coverage needs.