Pollen Delivers Connectivity Where SMBs Need It Most

February 3, 2023

For many small and midsize businesses (SMBs), internet connectivity challenges can impact their team, their customer experience, and the systems and tools they use to operate their businesses.

The Pollen Mobile network is focused on filling the gaps in areas where wireless connectivity is poor or nonexistent and traditional solutions can’t fix these issues. The plug-and-play simplicity and low cost of Pollen provides a way for SMBs to not only fix the problem for themselves but also their customers.

The Pollen Advantage for SMBs

Included among the many advantages that Pollen provides to SMBs are:

  • Customizable. You own your network and fulfill your specific coverage needs, indoor or outdoor. Install a Pollen Mobile radio and create wireless coverage that targets exactly where you need it — from remote farmlands to a popular corner café.
  • Private. We do not collect or store any personal information, including how you use the network. This preserves the privacy of you and your business.
  • Affordable. Pollen radios are easy to set up and can be installed for less than $1,000. Compare that with upwards of $150,000 required by other private networking solutions.
  • Customers-First. As a user-owned company, we engage our community to meet their network needs. You’ll receive regular updates from our team about what we’re doing to improve the network on your company’s behalf.

A call-out to large enterprises: all these connectivity advantages are available to you too!

How SMBs Are Using Pollen Today

SMBs are finding Pollen to be an ideal solution for providing reliable, affordable wireless connectivity that they control.

For instance, a winery in Sonoma County, Calif., was limited to Wi-Fi that didn’t extend past their tasting porch. As a result, staff had to regularly drive customers into town because the lack of service made connecting with rideshare drivers nearly impossible. With Pollen Mobile, the winery owners transformed their location from a total dead zone to full wireless coverage in the exact locations where it was needed.

Another example is Pollen Mobile partner Layer Zero, which used the network to support an SMB retail customer that hosted an outdoor festival in a temporary venue in Los Angeles. The year prior, event organizers reported their existing mobile network was overburdened, disconnecting vendor Point of Sale Systems. This created lost sales and frustrated attendees.

To prevent the same issues at their most recent event, the organizers deployed Pollen Mobile. Pollen successfully delivered reliable mobile connectivity — at a fraction of the cost — enabling higher volume sales and increasing satisfaction among the over 1,000 attendees at the event.

Winery in Sonoma Valley
It’s Time to Get Started with Pollen

If your SMB is frustrated with connectivity issues that are impacting business operations, customer experience or sales, it’s time to get started with Pollen Mobile. Pollen will allow your company to create private, affordable connectivity where others can’t.

Want to learn more about Pollen and how our growing network can help your business? Contact us to learn more.