Pollen One

Pollen One is a new mobile plan from Pollen Mobile—the network that is operated by you.

Enrollment for Round One is now closed! More information
coming soon.

Why Pollen One?

Pay As You Go

Get your first GB free each month, and then pay $3 per GB until you hit $30.

None Of Our Beeswax

We'll never sell your information to third parties.

Control Your Coverage

Pollen coverage is created by you. Plant a Flower (a Pollen radio) and get coverage right where you need it.

Exclusive Perks

Earn Pollen Coin (PCN), which can be used for discounted mobile plans and other perks within the Pollen ecosystem.

Pay For What You Need

Pollen One subscribers get 1 GB of data for free each month. That's about 2 hours of watching cat videos on YouTube! After 1GB, pay $3 per GB. Once you hit $30, your plan becomes unlimited.

Flower owners that register for Pollen One earn 80% of the revenue generated by their Flowers each month.


I’m an existing Flower owner. Do I need to enroll in Pollen One?
If you would like to receive payments for any of the data haulage that your Flower provides to paying customers, you should enroll your Flower in the Pollen One program. To do this, you’ll need to create an account with Stripe and provide information such as your legal name, address, Social Security number, and bank information.
How do Flower owners get paid?
When a subscriber uses the Pollen Mobile network via a Flower, the owner of that Flower is eligible to receive a payout (80% of the payment) for the data that they haul for that subscriber.
I already have a Honeybee / Hummingbird eSIM. Do I need to do anything?
Every month, you will receive 1GB free. Any usage that goes beyond that 1GB will be charged at $3/GB. If you do not enroll in the Pollen One plan, your eSIM will shut off after your 1GB usage until you enroll.
Can I use PCN to pay for my bill?
Yes! Each month you can pay for your entire Pollen One bill using PCN, or you can pay using a combination of PCN and USD.
I don’t have a Flower or Pollen eSIM. How can I join the network?
At this time we are not adding any new members to the Pollen Mobile network. Check back in the coming weeks for more information on how to join.

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