A Premium Network Built Just for You

Coverage on demand. Pollen Mobile allows you to create your bespoke, private network—from your home to your favorite ski run. With our iOS app, request coverage wherever you need it and a radio can be rapidly deployed for immediate use.

Coverage Where You Need it Most

No More Dead Zones

Messaging, video calls, streaming, and more. Pollen Mobile provides coverage where other carriers can’t. Mobile subscribers get one free GB of data each month.

A Network You Control

Get coverage exactly where you need it, when you need it, and however you choose to use it. Pollen Mobile radios are easy to set up and work anywhere.

None of our Beeswax

Your business is yours and yours alone. We do not monitor your traffic, and all data is encrypted from your device to the data center, giving you and your network peace of mind while using the Pollen network.

At Your Service

Our support team is here to help you 24/7. And, as a subscriber, you can “drop Pollen” on our iOS app to indicate exactly where you need coverage. We can typically fill the gap in less than 4 weeks.

Welcome, Honeybee!

Every Pollen Mobile subscriber is called a Honeybee, because they buzz around, connecting to the network from their mobile phone. Paired with the Honeybee App for iOS, Honeybees can also "drop Pollen" in areas where you have no service to report to the network that coverage is needed.

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A Network for You, By You

Build your bespoke network to meet your exact coverage needs.

Pollen for Individuals

One Pollen Mobile radio can provide coverage for up to 3 miles for 150 users. Contact us to build your perfect solution.

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