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Pollen CEO Talks at Hello Show

November 25, 2022

With people looking for alternatives to the current system of cellular providers, our CEO Anthony Levandowski sat down with Chris Ergen, Head of the Office of Innovation at DISH Network, to discuss the benefits that decentralized wireless (DeWi) can bring.

The conversation took place at Hello Show, a technology and innovation summit, with the session moderated by Derek Au, Principal, Business Group at Orange Silicon Valley, organizers of the event.

Anthony kicked off the conversation by sharing a brief video on Pollen Mobile. The video explained how Pollen is a decentralized mobile network that is owned and operated by its users. We developed the network to create connectivity in locations where people need it most. The video showed how two Sonoma County, Calif., wineries — CAST Wines and Dutcher Crossing Winery — transformed their locations from total dead zones to full coverage with Pollen.

During the session, Anthony shared how Pollen Mobile works, why user-deployed decentralized infrastructure is the future of mobile networks and much more.

Here are three key takeaways from Anthony’s talk at  Hello Show.

Now is the time for decentralized wireless.

Anthony noted a combination of factors have made now the right time for DeWi networks. These factors include the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) bold, innovative move to create the Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), the shared wireless spectrum that Pollen uses. Other factors include the prevalence of eSIMs that make it easy to connect handsets to Pollen, along with 4G/5G and blockchain technologies becoming more mature.

DeWi lets people fix their connectivity problems.

Anthony explained that, in building out the network, we are focused on filling the gaps in areas where wireless connectivity is poor or nonexistent and traditional solutions can’t fix it. The plug-and-play simplicity and low cost of Pollen provides a way for users to not only fix the problem for themselves but also for others in their community. Pollen allows anyone to create private, affordable connectivity where they need it.

Pollen places user privacy first.

Anthony discussed how privacy is one of Pollen’s core values. We believe people have the right to keep their online communications and activity private. Anthony noted that because Pollen is decentralized, we maintain more resistance from security attacks from other countries. Anthony also talked about how Pollen can be deployed without sharing connectivity with others, enabling a truly private network. Pollen provides an ideal high-performance private cellular networking solution for businesses and municipalities.

Watch the full talk here: