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College Students Grow the Pollen Network

January 11, 2023

The Pollen network is playing a significant role in helping to educate next-generation technologists. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) students are providing a “textbook example” of how Pollen enables anyone to create private, affordable connectivity where they need it.

In an article in the UWM Report, Laura Otto wrote about UWM students studying blockchain technology’s practical applications by deploying the Pollen network. The students are part of a survey class on digital technologies led by Matt Friedel, a senior lecturer at UWM.

“The goal here is to show students how the company is using blockchain to bring down the cost of cellular services,” said Friedel.

Helping Build Wireless Coverage Map

The class is supported by our partner Hexagon Wireless, which provided the students with Pollen Mobile radios called Dandelions, a compact base station that broadcasts the network.

The story notes:

“As the students go about their daily routines armed with their cell phones, they are validating whether they are able to pick up the radio signals from their devices. This is a necessary step for the company in building its wireless coverage map using a blockchain platform, said Russ From, Hexagon’s vice president of deployment.”

The article shares the students’ goals for the class, which range from a better understanding of how blockchain and NFTs work in the real world to using new technology for the public good.