Pollen Mobile Products

An Ecosystem of Products to Fit Your Needs

Pollen uses a variety of high performance, easy to install, affordable, and lightweight small cell radios that vary in size, price, and power, making it easy to build out the solution that fits your unique needs.


It all starts with a Flower. Flowers are radios that broadcast the Pollen Mobile network to wherever its needed. Flowers can be setup quickly and require just a connection to power and internet.


Buttercups are powerful outdoor radios that are best placed on a rooftop or other high surface to broadcast Pollen Mobile coverage. Buttercups utilize the Baicells 436Q radio. Paired with two (2) antennas, the Pollen network can broadcast as far as one mile.


Dandelions are plug and play outdoor antennas that are ideal for providing line of site coverage to small focused areas like campgrounds, RV parks, courtyards, etc. Manufactured by Baicells, the Dandelion is easy to install and lightweight.


Manufactured by BLiNQ Networks, the Moonflower boasts three-sector antennas, internal GPS, and clean lines that make it easy to deploy anywhere. Moonflowers can be custom wrapped to match building exteriors, making it ideal for high visibility locations.

Moso Bonzai

The Moso Bonzai is an indoor Flower that provides Pollen Mobile coverage to your home or business. Install on the wall or ceiling for the best coverage - up to 15,000 sq ft.

Moso Flower

Manufactured by Moso Labs, the Moso Flower is an outdoor small cell radio that provides high power coverage of the Pollen Mobile network. Internal GPS and POE (Power over Ethernet) make this rugged radio a simple plug and play option.


Sunflowers are small, lightweight, and powerful with 3 x 90° sector antennas. Designed to meet dense urban connectivity needs, the Sunflower puts you in control of your coverage, so you can target coverage exactly where you need it. From BLiNQ Networks.

Welcome, Honeybee!

Every Pollen Mobile subscriber is called a Honeybee, because they buzz around, connecting to the network from their mobile phone. Paired with the Honeybee App for iOS, Honeybees can also "drop Pollen" in areas where you have no service to report to the network that coverage is needed.

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Bumblebee Take Flight

The Bumblebee is a small, portable network scanning tool that helps you deploy coverage where it's needed most. Bumblebees contain Pollen SIMs and other network SIMs to report on ping times, signal strength and much more to help you plan for your network buildout and monitor its strength.

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CPEs are small devices that extend the connectivity created by Flowers to other pockets of your property that need coverage, and to devices that don't have a Pollen Mobile plan such as a laptop, smart device, gaming consoles, and more.

Owl Customer Premise Equipment (CPE)

Indoor Owl

Designed by BLiNQ Networks, the indoor Owl is a small desktop device that extends the coverage of the Pollen Mobile network to pockets outside of a Flower's range. Once setup, Owls can be password protected—making it easy for devices like laptops, gaming consoles, and TVs to connect—just like WiFi, but on a network that's operated by you.

Outdoor Owl

Designed by BLiNQ Networks, the Outdoor Owl can be mounted outside on any building exterior or utility pole to extend the coverage of the Pollen Mobile network to pockets outside of a Flower's range. Once setup, Owls can be password protected—making it easy for devices like phones, laptops, vehicles, and IOT devices to connect.