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Pollen's Path to Paid Data

October 2, 2022

Mike Dano of Light Reading caught up with Christian Kurasek, Pollen Mobile CFO, at Mobile World Congress 2022 in Las Vegas. The two caught up on:

  • Pollen's origin story. (00:50)
  • How the company will monetize its network. (03:00)
  • How Pollen is encouraging users to build its network. (04:30)
  • Will Pollen launch an MVNO (08:00)
  • Pollen's plan to bring paid data over its network this year. (09:10)

As Dano notes, Pollen Mobile is among a growing number of companies in the nascent but potentially explosive "decentralized wireless" marketplace.

According to Christian Kurasek, it's a market that's rapidly maturing. "There's a huge opportunity to offer something different," he said.

Specifically, he said such DeWi operations can allow everyday users to buy and deploy their own wireless networks – thereby patching coverage holes at their home or office, for example. "Now you have the opportunity to fix that yourself," Kurasek said.

Head over to Light Reading to watch the full interview.