Introducing Greenhouse: Freedom from Gateways

August 1, 2022

The Fourth of July is the perfect backdrop to announce that we’re throwing off the oppressive shackles that gateways have imposed on the Pollen community — we’re eliminating them with a new “cloud gateway” architecture that we’re calling Greenhouse.

What does this mean?

  • Most importantly, this means lower Flower costs — we no longer need to cover the cost of including a mini-computer with each Pollen Flower
  • It also means simplicity — most Flowers will become truly “plug and play”
  • Higher reliability — we’re eliminating a potential source of failure in the network
  • Scalability — we’re also eliminating a potential chokepoint in the Pollen supply chain and dramatically simplifying the configuration required prior to shipping Flowers

To launch the Beeta™ rollout of Greenhouse, a limited quantity of Greenhouse-enabled Dandelions will be available for sale this Friday, July 8 at noon PT / 3pm ET for $776.

Greenhouse is going to enable us to reduce prices on all Flowers going forward, with the goal of making small cells as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi routers.

What does this mean for Flowers that have already been deployed?

  • Nothing — Flowers with gateways will continue to work as they do today. In the future, you’ll be able to eliminate your gateway if you’d like to
  • However, there will be future use cases where gateways will still be useful, so don’t ditch them just for the sake of ditching them

More details, including a more complete FAQ, can be found here.