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PollenCoin Economy

Pollen helps ensure its users’ privacy and anonymity by only allowing payments in PollenCoin (PCN), a proprietary token built on the Solana blockchain.


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Pollen Crypto
Economy Overview

Read the POLLEN Whitepaper for a full description of the Pollen Economy.

Incentive Payments

One billion PCN have been minted, which will never increase or decrease. Of the mint, 500 million PCN are allocated for Incentive Payments, which will be paid out on a daily basis to encourage network growth.

Payments by network device are as follows:


Earn PCN based on the number of Flowers and unique locations the Bumblebee connects to and verifies each day. The more Flowers and locations verified per day, the more PCN the Bumblebee owner will receive.


Earn PCN based upon the number of Bumblebees that confirm coverage each day. Flower owners will earn 10x the PCN Bumblebee owners receive for each verification.


Owners earn PCN for each day their Hummingbird connects to the network.

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