A mobile network

Owned by you

Pollen is simple. You provide network coverage through a Flower, which is validated by Bumblebees and Honeybees, and you connect to the network as a Honeybee or Hummingbird with an eSIM– each of which earn you PollenCoin.

Flowers To The People

Flowers are antennas that wirelessly transfer data between your internet service provider and users of the Pollen network. They range from the size of a pizza box to a six-foot tower and can be placed anywhere, such as your home or office.

Move like a butterfly, Validate like a Bee

Bumblebees are small, portable devices used to validate Pollen network coverage. They collect data from Flowers, such as signal strength and internet connection speeds. Bumblebees are best used while traveling in your car, on a bike, or other vehicles to validate network coverage while you’re on the go. Honeybees validate and let you report negative coverage of the network—creating bounties for Flowers to collect.

Connect as free as a Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are what your smartphones become after downloading and importing the Pollen eSIM. Once it’s set up, you’re able to connect to the network privately and securely – all while earning you PollenCoin.

* A Hummingbird’s ability to connect will vary as the community builds the network. Purchase a Flower to make the network stronger.

Why Pollen

Pollen is an alternative to the current broken system of cellular providers, combining a blockchain-based rewards and payment system with a number of open source technologies that promise to provide:

Privacy and Anonymity

It’s impossible for anyone to track your communications or collect your personal data – much less profit by selling it.

Lower Costs

Our data prices aren’t bloated to pay for marketing, an executive’s private jet, or any other unnecessary costs because the network is owned and operated by its users.

Better Coverage

Anyone can extend the Pollen network by setting up a Flower anywhere – not where a corporation decides a new tower should be installed.


Pollen will empower its users to propose and vote on changes to the network when ownership and control are turned over to the Enhanced Decentralized Autonomous Organization (eDAO).

Network Deployment Phases

Pollen will be deployed in three phases.

Phase I: Network Launch

  • Flowers, Bumblebees, and Hummingbird eSIMs go on sale

  • All users begin earning PollenCoin

  • Birds and Bees receive free, unlimited data

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Phase II:
Data Payments Go Live

  • Data Credits priced at USD $0.50/GB

  • All network services are migrated to the blockchain

  • Open source protocols published

Coming SOon

Phase iii: Edao ownership

  • The Pollen Enhanced Decentralized Autonomous Organization takes ownership of the network

  • Users can begin proposing and voting on changes

Coming Soon

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Introducing the privacy-first, decentralized, crypto-generation mobile network owned and operated by its users.

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