Why Do We Need A New Mobile Network?


The current system is broken for a number of reasons. However, the top three are:

Lack of Privacy and Anonymity
Current mobile networks are run by large corporations that do not value user privacy. In fact, they essentially spy on everything you’re doing and openly sell your personal information to advertisers and others – earning large sums of money in the process. Pollen makes it impossible for anybody to collect, much less sell, your personal data.

Poor Coverage
Despite the advertising and billions of dollars invested in their networks, coverage by legacy carriers is still lacking. Every day calls are dropped in major cities like San Francisco or New York, and many areas of the United States don’t have reliable access to cell service at all. Pollen empowers users to provide coverage where the network is needed, and rewards them for doing so.

High Costs
Legacy carriers spend billions of dollars on buying the rights to radio spectrum signals, national advertising, providing terrible customer service, and on and on, while delivering billions in profits to their shareholders. In fact, the mobile carrier industry in the United States is essentially a three-member oligopoly, leading to some of the highest prices in the world. By utilizing open source technologies and building a decentralized, community-owned, and operated network, Pollen will be able to provide service at lower costs.




Better Coverage
Legacy mobile providers only install their towers where they can make a profit, not always where they’re needed the most. With Pollen, anyone can install a Flower anywhere coverage is needed or desired, as long as power and internet connectivity can also be provided.

It’s a Mobile Network That Pays Users
Pollen is built around a crypto economy powered by PollenCoin (PCN), a proprietary Solana token used to pay community members for providing coverage by installing a Flower(s), validating network coverage using a Bumblebee, and using the network as a Hummingbird.

The more you participate in the Pollen network, the more PCN you earn.

We Put Privacy and Anonymity First

On our network, no one knows who you are, and your information can’t be tracked. We  accomplish this in a few specific ways:

No Persistent Logs: No location, data usage, or personally identifiable information is persistently tracked when utilizing the Pollen network. The only user data logged by Pollen is total data consumption for purposes of making payments to Flower owners for the data transmitted for Hummingbird owners and will be deleted within 7 days.  Bumblebees logs are uploaded and kept for the purpose of network validation, but deleted in 7 days.

No Personal Information: Pollen is designed to avoid needing any personal information to join the network. Whether you’re a Flower owner, a Bumblebee owner, or a Hummingbird user, by design the network has no way of knowing who you are. The only personal information we collect is for order fulfillment purposes which will be deleted once the return period ends and any data users voluntarily provide.

Data-Only Network: Pollen is a “data only” network, meaning it doesn’t process “phone calls” or “text messages,” which are logged and susceptible to being intercepted. Instead, Pollen is intended to be used with applications such as Signal and iMessage, which facilitate end-to-end encryption and don’t require data to be routed through phone companies.


How do I become a member of the Pollen community?


You can become a member of the Pollen community in one of several ways:

Set up one or more Flowers: We make a number of different Flower models that range in size from a personal pizza box to a 6' tower. Providing network coverage is as easy as purchasing a Flower and plugging it into your router and a power source. You’ll begin earning PollenCoin when Bumblebees start connecting to your Flower.

Verifying the network with a Bumblebee: Bumblebees are a critical component of the Pollen ecosystem because they ping flowers to validate the network coverage. They are small enough to put in your backpack, in your car, go with you on your way to work, running errands, delivering groceries and any other activities. You earn PollenCoin as you go.

Grow the network with a Honeybee:  Purchase a Honeybee eSIM from our store and install it onto your phone, turning it into a Honeybee. Download the Honeybee app to start navigating the Pollen network and "drop pollen" where coverage doesn't exist to incentivize Flowers to grow. Honeybees can complete up to 100 pollen drops daily.

Use the network with a Hummingbird: Purchase a Pollen eSIM from our store and install it onto your phone, turning it into a Hummingbird. In Phase I of the network’s deployment, Hummingbirds will receive free unlimited data, and you’ll earn PollenCoin rewards for each day your Hummingbird connects to the network. The first 100,000 eSIM purchases will also include 10 free Data Credits, good for transferring 10 gigabytes of data on the network when data usage becomes paid.


If you’re selling the hardware and managing the network’s infrastructure, isn’t that a centralized service?


Initially, some services will be centralized and managed by Pollen Mobile LLC, because somebody has to do it. Eventually, the plan is to migrate all infrastructure services – such as processing network validation data for purposes of calculating and initiating Incentive Payments – to smart contracts on the blockchain during Phase II. In Phase III, total ownership and governance of the network will be turned over to the Enhanced Decentralized Autonomous Organization that will be created.

We are also working with distribution partners to remove Pollen Mobile from the supply chain.


Will I have a Pollen phone number? And if not, how can I anonymously use services like Signal for messaging?


We don’t currently plan to offer Pollen phone numbers. Users can still obtain a “phone number” for the purpose of registering for services like Signal without a legacy phone plan in a number of different ways, such as setting up a Google VOIP account, utilizing a “Disposable SMS Service”, or purchasing a prepaid “burner phone”. To learn more about why Pollen is a data only network, check out this blog post.


Where does Pollen currently provide coverage?


Pollen uses the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) which is currently only available in the United States. Our Flowers, Bees, and Birds (eSIMS) are available to anyone within the United States to setup and earn rewards. Any devices deployed overseas will not accrue PCN.

Still have questions? Join the Pollen Discord.

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